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Blood+ Second Blood (21st Jan 08 at 12:26pm UTC)
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Forum Type: Anime Based Roll Play

  1. Years have past since Saya Otonashi has beat her twin sister Diva. Her life went on to be normal, then one day she had kids. One was a boy that took very much after Saya and the other a twin girl whom took more after her father Haji.
  3. They grow up like normal kids, but the daughter whom ended up being named Moon, had a taste for blood, but this was not know. At the age of 16 Moon tried to attack her twin brother whom goes by the name of Heie, her assault had failed. She then ran and his from the world.
  5. Years had passed and the chiropterans population had massively increased. The Red Shield again was out to stop the damage that the chiropterans and found out that behind it has Moon.
  7. Now Moon has took after what her Aunt Diva started, her and her 3 Chevaliers. Ryan Antwan, a business man and new new owner of a company that goes by the name of Fallen Star Medical Inc.. a company that functions in medical advancements. Aaron Antwan, the little brother of Ryan Antwan, he is a famous writer. Then theres Blaze Yuko, a talented musician.
  9. Now it is the job for Saya, Haji, Heie, and The Red Shield to hunt down Moon and stop her, before she completely follows him the footsteps of Diva.

Other: Um can someone please rate my site? I can say i put a lot of work into it, but this time through it was mostly converting it over from a proboards forum onto a vF forum. So i'd like to know what people think of it and if it came out right and how it can be made better.

Things I know I need to work on: There is a few things that I know i still need to set up and here is a list of them so please only rate me on what i have got done:

  • Ranks
  • Information Center Is Incomplete
  • RP Stats Aren't All Up
  • Character Profile Area's Posting Template Ain't Made

And i think that all i still need to do.
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Re: Blood+ Second Blood (22nd Jan 08 at 8:09pm UTC)
Hello {Smile} ,

Hah, when I first read the title of your thread, I was thinking that you made a forum about blood.

Anyways, lol, when I first entered your site, I see that your banner is rather large. it looks as though it was stretched out a bit and is a bit blurry. I like the head/base images on it, though, it keeps it from looking too plain.

The menu buttons don't really match the color scheme of your forum, I think that you could have done a bit better with their background colors and font. The background image would look better if it didn't repeat on the sides, so maybe you should try gradually blurring both sides of the image and make sure that both sides of the image are blurred into one color, so when they repeat, it looks seamless.

The boards are a bit dark, but it doesn't look bad. I like the border color, it matches well. I personally don't like when large images are shrunken and made into on/off icons, just because it looks a bit too crammed and little, so I would suggest that you would just maybe make + and - signs for the icons (since you have Blood+?).

I do highly suggest that you edit the descriptions of your "World" board. Most of them are unprofessional, especially when you use parenthesis in one.

Overall, it's a good forum, I like the color scheme, even though it is a bit on the darker side. A couple edits that I suggest are the menu buttons, the background, the on/off icons, and the board descriptions.

Hope the forum goes well for you. {Smile}

Re: Blood+ Second Blood (24th Jan 08 at 5:18am UTC)
Umm well i'm not sure if you l know this, for starters thanks you i put a lot of work into it and as for the logo image it was burry before i did anything with it and as for the site being based off an anime show called Blood+ the on/off icon wouldn't be that great, plus i'm a good image editor, but i cant make then for anything and there is a very small image section in any image data base i have look...its a good anime, but i guess not popular. And as for the buttons...i just made them to have buttons that look better then the default ones, and i hate plain text links...but i'll work on it and see what i can do.
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