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Menu Buttons - Posted By hobo2525 (hobo2525) on 26th Sep 09 at 1:53pm
Forum URL:thespot.vforums.co.uk
Image Type:Menu Buttons
Dimensions (Size in Pixels):50x20(if you think that is good)
Colours (preferably in hex codes):Light blues.
Fonts (provide direct links if any):whatever
Text (and sub-text):Home,Help.Search,Profile,admin,members,logout,register,login,
Stock Image(s) to be used (provide direct links):
Other details:I want it to be a gradient getting lightest in the middle and darker both up and down
Home and logout need to be ends so they are curved like in the ex.Login needs to be a middle piece and register needs to be an end.
EDIT:I forgot the example.http://img44.imageshack.us/img44/9315/43811129.png