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Logo Image (Animated | Full Details) - Posted By dog199200 (dog199200) on 19th Jun 09 at 3:37am
Forum URL: http://mittere.vforums.co.uk/
Image Type: PNG or GIF
Dimensions (Size in Pixels): 800px in Width | 175px in Height
Colours (preferably in hex codes): FF0000
Fonts (provide direct links if any):  BloodGutter 99 | http://desktoppub.about.com/library/fonts/dd/bloodgutter.zip
Text (and sub-text): Mittere
Stock Image(s) to be used (provide direct links): http://wimg.co.uk/PGq.png
Other details: What I want is to have the Stock image scroll from the bottom of the image to the top, so it will start out at the bottom of the castle and then scroll to the top of the castle. From there I want it to then flash red, about the same time as this image here. Then i want it the text Mittere to bleed in, then mirror downwards as seen in that image as well. This request isn't mine, but it is my design, I just ain't got the animation software to do it. So please as soon as it can be done the better.

Thanks in advance,