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Request Rules - Posted By Marc (cr0w) on 1st Jan 08 at 1:14am
Below are a set of rules for the requests board. To ensure that your request gets filled quickly and professionally, please take the time to read through these rules, and check back often for updates.

Copyrights: All images created are the property of their owner. Therefore, we ask that you not remove any copyrights that are on the images, as that is unfair to the designer who made it. Also, please do not repost these images saying they're yours.

Design Forums: This board is not to request images for design forums; if you are offering designs to others, you should be able to design your own forum.

Non vF Forums: You may only requests graphics for vForums or for websites that are related to a vForums. We will not create graphics for competing services.

Request Time: Do not PM designers about your request without their permission; your request will take as long as the designer needs. If you break this rule, your request will be locked.

Feedback: If the image that the designer has made for you is not what you expected, do not post derogatory comments. You can ask politely for them to change certain aspects of your images. Being rude to designers who are making you free images will lead to your request being locked.

This rules may be subject to change without warning.

Re: Request Rules - Posted By slip (slip) on 14th May 08 at 4:29pm
[F] should be added to the thread titles for all filled requests.