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menu buttons - Posted By A.B.F. (smx15) on 9th Jun 09 at 11:02am
Forum URL:smx.vforums.co.uk
Image Type:Menu Buttons
Dimensions (Size in Pixels):height-40 x width-140
Colours (preferably in hex codes):(same as the background)
Fonts (provide direct links if any):not sure something that would look cool.
Text (and sub-text):normal menu button text and a website button
Other details:I want it to look like this but with the text on it:http://www.tabsgenerator.com/#aD00MDt3PTE0MDtyPTIwO2I9MztiYWNrPTAwMDAwMDtib3JkZXI9ZmZmZmZmO2ZvcmUxPWZmMDAwMDtmb3JlMj1mZjAwMDA7ZGlyPTI7Z2d0PTA7