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Music & You - Posted By dog199200 (dog199200) on 16th Dec 10 at 1:37am

I'll be the first here to admit that music is my life. Without music I would be bored out of my mind all the time, and probably always extremely depressed. Music helps relax me. So where is a few questions for you all: How does music effect your life? Whats your preferred musical genre? Who is your favorite band?

I personally grew on on 80's hair bands like Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, etc. Since then my music tastes have still still adapted to the older rocks music, but I also listen to new rock, pop, and even some dance/techno music. I personally can't pick a favorite band though, there are so many good bands that it makes it complicated. Though currently on the top of my band list is a band called Deepfield.

Re: Music & You - Posted By Nick (nickb) on 16th Dec 10 at 3:09am
I'm the second to admit! XD

Screamo, emo, hard rock, metal, Techno, and some Rap.

Re: Music & You - Posted By Graham (amusedtodeath) on 17th Dec 10 at 6:42pm
I'm very proud of the bands ive seen live:

Alain Johannes
And So I Watch You From Afar
Arctic Monkeys
Be Your Own Pet
Biffy Clyro (x7)
Blood Red Shoes
Bombay Bicycle Club
Bowling for Soup
The Bronx
Danko Jones
David Gilmour
Death Cab for Cutie
The Decemberists (x2)
The Detachment Kit
Eagles of Death Metal
Foo Fighters
Frightened Rabbit
Funeral for a Friend (x2)
The Futureheads
Future of the Left (x4)
Gogol Bordello (x2)
Idlewild (x3)
The Hot Melts
I Am Arrows
The Ivories
Johnny Foreigner
Lavender Diamond
Les Incompétents
Les Savy Fav (x2)
The Lightning Seeds
Lo-Fi Culture Scene
Los Campesinos!
Metric (x3)
People in Planes
Porcupine Tree
Rage Against the Machine
Roots Manuva
Sky Larkin
Sparrow and the Workshop
Spinnerette (x2)
Supergrass (x2)
The Rumble Strips
Them Crooked Vultures (x4)
The Twilight Sad
Twisted Wheel
White Lies
Wolf Gang
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Some of the biggest names in music of the past 20 years there, and i'm adding to it all the time, though i'm becoming picky about the gigs as they're a pain to get to.

I dont get the chance to listen to as much music as i'd like, but my car is always blasting something out. If i had a pigeonhole, then it'd mostly be indie/alternative, but i go through phases where it'll just be acoustic (Elliott Smith, for example), Black Metal (Gorgoroth, Emperor etc), Jazz (John Coltrane, Miles Davis) and more recently, classical (Grieg,Vivaldi).

You name it, i'll probably listen to it.

Re: Music & You - Posted By Evelyn5 (evelyn5) on 13th Jun 11 at 8:28am

My favorite band is "Westlife"; I like to hear classical music. So always my favorite is "Westlife", their songs are very beautiful and when I hear their songs I feel very good.

Re: Music & You - Posted By ashkir (ashkir) on 13th Jun 11 at 6:35pm
Aria. >__>


Re: Music & You - Posted By Austin (adntech2010) on 10th Aug 11 at 1:19am
I enjoy all kinds of music. Music plays a huge role in my work day and my relaxing time.

I normally listening to oldies, but as of recently I discovered a band called The Ready Set. He's got some cool music.

Re: Music & You - Posted By RoadKiller (roadkiller) on 7th Jan 13 at 10:08am
I like almost like every band especially Westlife and backstreet boys.

Re: Music & You - Posted By JenniferWatt (jenniferwatt) on 20th Feb 13 at 1:19pm
Muse is my favourite . I like their live performance. It is always original and amazing. 

Re: Music & You - Posted By LindaJone (lindajone) on 21st Feb 13 at 8:25am
I like to watch live performance of bands. West life is my favourite band. I like to listen rock and pop music. 

Re: Music & You - Posted By JasonAnderson (jasonanderson) on 18th Mar 13 at 6:18am
MJ is my one and only lifetime favourite singer. No one can compete with him. He will live forever !

Re: Music & You - Posted By Newbird (newbird) on 5th Apr 13 at 8:24am
I am a big fan of music. I play guitar and sing in my leisure times. I love rock and pop music.

Re: Music & You - Posted By LadyNight (ladynight) on 14th May 13 at 10:01am
I like all types of music and it helps me to reduce my stress.

Re: Music & You - Posted By HappyBirds (happybirds) on 28th May 13 at 8:01am
Music is my favourite. Totally addicted to it.

Re: Music & You - Posted By JeffDancer (jeffdancer) on 28th May 13 at 12:43pm
Feel like two equal words {Cheesy}

Re: Music & You - Posted By JeniferDane (jeniferdane) on 6th Jun 13 at 11:10am
Rock and pop are my favourite music.I am a great fan of Micheal Jackson.

Re: Music & You - Posted By CupCake (cupcake) on 3rd Sep 13 at 6:11am
My very best friend. Whenever I feel sad or happy music always there for me. {Smile}

Re: Music & You - Posted By MilkyCat (milkycat) on 5th Sep 13 at 7:22am
Who hate music? Everyone does love it. So am I.

Re: Music & You - Posted By Perty Jean (pertyjean) on 30th Sep 13 at 11:21am
I like old american country music. Accoustic music too.