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Alone. - Posted By Miss Jess (jchen) on 19th Apr 10 at 9:16pm
after what happened this morning...which is kind of stupid really I wrote this poem :/

I watched the girl give her friend a cupcake
My mouth watered, I wanted a cupcake too
But I felt too shy to ask for one
I looked away as tears filled my eyes
It wasn't fair.
Maybe I should've asked for one but I was too scared.
True friends are supposed to sit with you, talk to you, comfort you.
I did not have any true friends.
Sure, they were friendly, but they were not my real friends.
I realized I never felt so alone.
My brothers had friends
I did not.
I blamed it on my shyness and I wished I wasn't so shy.
Maybe I could've made new friends.
My little brother has friends because he gets invited to lots of parties
My older brother has friends because I see his friends put their arms around him.
And me? All alone.

Re: Alone. - Posted By dog199200 (dog199200) on 19th Apr 10 at 10:27pm
Thats pretty good, here is one I wrote: