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Quick Common Info Codes - Posted By ashkir (ashkir) on 28th May 09 at 9:36pm
Here are some quick codes to grab data from vForums. These are the more common ones that people may want to use. To use these just paste the script where you want the item to appear. These will ONLY work on vForums.

Display name, with link to profile and class color:
  1. <script>document.write('<a href="/action/view_profile" class="group'+vf_usergroup+'">'+vf_displayname+'</a>');</script>

Member Post Count:
  1. <script>document.write(vf_posts);</script>

Total PMs Number:
  1. <script>document.write(vf_total_pms);</script>

New PMs Number:
  1. <script>document.write(vf_new_pms);</script>

Skin Width:
Very useful with several skins and a same informational table same width as board.
  1. <script>document.write(vf_width);</script>